‘Ello ‘ello, I’m Eve.

Growing up in Yorkshire, England, I remember drawing on the kitchen walls at age five. I blamed it on my bro who was fifteen at the time. I think scribbling my own name was a bit of a giveaway. Since then I’ve mastered putting pen to paper, and after studying at the University of Michigan and Loughborough University (UK) I graduated with a BA in Visual Communications.

I am fortunate enough for my passion to have become my career. With 5+ years professional design experience, I’m skilled at translating complex subject matter into compelling visual stories. Currently working as a Graphic Designer at Walmart Media Group, I utilize my traditional drawing skills and clean design aesthetic to produce effective marketing communications that support business objectives.

You can usually find me watching UFC with my husband and friends, (or swimming, kickboxing, running, hiking, drawing, eating Nutella from the jar). I also love to create logos in my spare time.

Say ‘ello at evegoodby@gmail.com